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A Look Ahead at the 2005 Session

Thursday, January 13, 2005; Page A08

Bills: Although the assembly's main job this year is to fine-tune the two-year budget passed last year, the 140 legislators will introduce more than a thousand bills. They'll range from proposals to create special license plates to amendments to change the state constitution. The deadline for filing bills is Jan. 21.

Crossover: Before Feb. 9, the House and Senate must conclude action on all bills except budget bills that originated in their own chambers and send them on for consideration by the other chamber.

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Session's end: The House and Senate are scheduled to finish their work by Feb. 26, and leaders say they are determined to avoid a repeat of last year's lengthy deadlock over budget issues.

Veto session: The General Assembly will return to Richmond on April 6 to consider the governor's vetoes and amendments to bills.

On the Web: A session preview, other Post stories, audio, online discussions and the text of the State of the Commonwealth address are among the features available at www.washingtonpost.com/vagovt.

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