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A Guide to The Guide

Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page PG02

Welcome to The Guide.

Prince George's County has changed in recent years, as those who have lived here for a long time can attest, and it is those changes that newcomers find attractive. For example, new shopping centers and restaurants and a movie theater have all changed the diverse landscape of the county, as have burgeoning housing developments and business and social ventures.

To give you an idea of what the county is all about and what it has to offer, we are back with another year of The Guide. This special edition of Prince George's Extra, produced by a team of Washington Post editors, reporters, editorial aides, photographers and artists, provides a comprehensive guide to our community, from Laurel to Brandywine. It includes important information on how to get around the area, where to shop, how to contact elected officials and where to go when you need help or you want to help.

We also have included some special features. One is an article about the abundance of sports and recreation in the county. Another piece by Post gardening expert Adrian Higgins tells what trees grow well in this area. Columnist John Kelly gives us a look at how certain bridges got their names, and food writer Nancy Lewis samples some of the many restaurants in the county, including pizza joints, a Japanese steak house, Indian cuisine and Latin and Mexican fare. For the younger set, we suggest some neat activities for children, and Dr. Gridlock gives us a plan for getting where we want to go.

As large as The Post may seem to readers, there is never enough space to print everything about the community. For example, religion is a big part of Prince George's, but we did not have enough space to list every faith institution. Nor did we have the space to list every school in the county.

Many features that regularly appear in Prince George's Extra can be found at www.washingtonpost.com/princegeorges. They will resume in their regular spots in next Thursday's issue.

We hope you enjoy The Guide and find it helpful. We welcome your suggestions, and will be updating The Guide at www.washingtonpost.com as new information about the community becomes available.

Tracey A. Reeves

Editor, Prince George's Extra

To comment on The Guide, send e-mail to TheGuide@washpost.comor call 202-334-4548.

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