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The Lean Plate Club: Sally Squires

Prepare for The Challenge

Tuesday, November 16, 2004; Page HE05

Here's a checklist to help you get ready for the Holiday Challenge:

1. Assemble your tool kit. To get yourself moving a little more and control what you eat, make sure you have the following, as appropriate:

____Take the Challenge____
Week 6: To Eat Less, Eat More
Full Report

____Chart Your Progress____
Activity Log (PDF)
Weight Maintenance (PDF)
Food Journal (PDF)

Video: The Post's Sally Squires offers tips to keep off the excess weight during the holiday party season.
Audio: The Post's Sally Squires talked with Lean Plate Club members during a call-in show.
Video: The Post's Sally Squires reveals some eating strategies to avoid feeling like a stuffed turkey after Thanksgiving.
Video: Sally Squires offers tips and strategies for eating smart during the holidays on NewsChannel 8.

____Live Discussion____
Transcript: Want to eat healthier and get better but not bigger? Washington Post health and nutrition writer Sally Squires answers your questions.

____Lean Plate Club Newsletter____
Build healthy living habits for the long haul, with recipes, exercise ideas and the latest dietary guidelines
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____Post Your Comments____
Tell Us How Your Progress is Going

• comfortable walking or workout shoes

• workout clothes, including outdoor wear if appropriate

• measuring cups and spoons

• a kitchen scale

• a clear space to work out at home

• a pedometer, if you like

• a tape or CD player for listening to books or music while working out

• any exercise equipment you plan to use: jump-rope, exercise bands, dumbbells, stability ball, yoga mat, exercise videos, etc.

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