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Jackson Accuser's Tearful Mom Takes Stand

"Him," she said, pointing at Jackson, who was seated at the defense table. And other Jackson associates, she added. "And you know what? They ended up being the real killers."

At certain points, she called Jackson "you." The defendant remained motionless.

Michael Jackson enters the Santa Barbara County courthouse. (Nick Ut -- AP)

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Jackson Special Report
Photo Gallery: Scenes from the trial.
Photo Gallery: Michael Jackson's curious career.
Video: Michael Jackson's former maid testified she found the singer showering with a boy who often slept in the pop star's bed.
Video: Michael Jackson walks slowly and haltingly into the courtroom March 21.
Video: Michael Jackson, apparently suffering from some sort of back ailment, is escorted into court after the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.
Video: Michael Jackson arrives for the first day of his child molestation trial.
Video: Journalists and Jackson fans outside the Santa Maria, Calif., courthouse.
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Indictment (Calif. v. Jackson)
The Michael Jackson Case

The woman testified that she enlisted the help of an employee at Jackson's Neverland ranch to leave there with her kids in the middle of the night. After that, she said, she received many phone calls from Jackson associate Frank Tyson, begging her and her children to return to Neverland.

The prosecution then announced it would play a recording of a phone conversation between her and Tyson. The mother volunteered that the recording was a compilation of several conversations she'd had with Tyson, though "the masters of choreography" had made it sound like just one. It wasn't clear who those masters might be.

On the recording, a high voice identifies itself as Tyson and sounds a little like Michael Jackson. He pleads with the mother to return with her family to Neverland, promising that he will make sure the German people won't bother her.

"Why don't you come back up to the ranch? Michael would love to see you," the voice says. "There's a lot of evil people out there. . . . Even staying another night alone is not safe."

The man urges her to participate in the rebuttal video and says that he and the family will soon be taking a "fun trip," where the mother will get to go dancing frequently.

The prosecution alleges that Jackson associates were making preparations to send the family to Brazil, though the trip never took place.

It is not until after this -- after the Jackson camp had begun its crisis control efforts and as reporters were hounding the family of the accuser -- that Jackson is alleged to have abused the boy.

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