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An Introduction to The Guide

Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page DZ02

Whether you're a newcomer or a native Washingtonian, living in the District of Columbia can be an adventure. To help you navigate, The Washington Post is back this year with The Guide.

This special edition of District Extra, produced by a team of Washington Post editors, reporters, editorial aides, photographers and artists, is a handy, comprehensive guide to the city and its diverse communities. In addition to providing useful information about local government, schools, hospitals, transportation, popular attractions and other everyday D.C. essentials, it includes special features about the city and the region.

Marc Fisher discusses the District's sports and recreation resources -- and the competing constituencies that vie for a range of facilities. John Kelly provides the lowdown on how certain bridges got their names, and gardening expert Adrian Higgins tells what trees grow well in this area. Food writer Nancy Lewis surveys some of the city's well-known and lesser-known restaurants, and KidsPost has a cool quiz for kids. A "Trails of the City" map shows where outdoor enthusiasts can find in-town hiking and biking paths.

Many features that regularly appear in District Extra on Thursdays can be found today on www.washingtonpost.com/dc and will resume in their regular spots in the April 28 issue.

We hope you enjoy The Guide and find it helpful. We welcome your suggestions and will update The Guide on www.washingtonpost.com as new information about the community becomes available.

Joe Davidson

Editor, District Extra

To comment on The Guide, send e-mail to TheGuide@washpost.comor call 202-334-4548.

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