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Correction to This Article
A Supreme Court quiz on the Oct. 1 Federal Page incorrectly described the Senate confirmation process for justices of the court. Confirmation requires a simple majority vote by the Senate. The quiz also should have mentioned Justice Stephen G. Breyer's military service; he served six months on active duty as an enlisted man in the Army and seven and a half years as a reservist.

The Supreme Quiz 2001

By Charles Lane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, October 1, 2001; Page A19

Welcome to the seventh annual "First Monday in October quiz, our warm-up to the Supreme Court's new term. Before you put on your morning coat and present your arguments to the justices, here are a few questions to test your court knowledge.

1. When the Supreme Court convenes today at 10 a.m. to begin its new term, something will happen that has never happened before in the history of the court. What?

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2. All of the justices employ four law clerks to assist them during each one-year term‹except for two justices who hire only three clerks each. Name the two justices.

3. True or false: Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are the only two members of the current court with no military experience.

4. Under the Constitution, it takes at least a two-thirds vote of the Senate to confirm a president¹s nominee for the Supreme Court. Who on the current court was confirmed by unanimous vote?

5. Who is the only living former justice of the Supreme Court?

6. What is an attorney required to say at the beginning of his or her oral argument before the court?

a) His or her name, and the name of the party the attorney is representing.

b) "Mr. Chief Justice, and may it please the court."

c) The name and docket number of the case.

d) All of the above.

7. Chief Justice Rehnquist, and Justices O¹Connor, Kennedy, and Stephen G. Breyer all have something in common with Casey Martin -- the disabled golfer whose Supreme Court case earlier this year established his right to use a golf cart in tournaments. What is it?

8. True or false: Rehnquist was sworn in as chief justice on Sept. 26, 1986. That means he has already served longer as chief than any other chief justice since the beginning of the 20th century.

9. True or false: The landmark 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, which established a woman¹s constitutional right to choose to have an abortion, was decided by a vote of 5-4.

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