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Correction to This Article
A Supreme Court quiz on the Oct. 1 Federal Page incorrectly described the Senate confirmation process for justices of the court. Confirmation requires a simple majority vote by the Senate. The quiz also should have mentioned Justice Stephen G. Breyer's military service; he served six months on active duty as an enlisted man in the Army and seven and a half years as a reservist.
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The Supreme Quiz 2001

10. In Supreme Court history, who were the "Minnesota Twins"?

11. Who is the only current member of the court to have served in elected office?

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Supreme Court 2002-2003

12. How many current justices are former Supreme Court clerks, and which justices did they serve?

13. Who wrote that the federal courts, headed by the Supreme Court, would be "the least dangerous" branch of government?

a) Alexander M. Bickel

b) George W. Bush

c) Thomas Jefferson

d) Alexander Hamilton

14. In last year's Bush v. Gore presidential election case, just four days elapsed between Dec. 8, when the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, and Dec. 12, when it issued its decision. Prior to that, what had been the quickest turnaround in the court¹s history?

15. Sometimes, one justice is unable to participate in a case, giving rise to the possibility of a 4-4 tie vote. What happens in the event of a tie vote at the Supreme Court?

a) Neither party wins. The justices schedule a new hearing.

b) Neither party wins. The case is sent back to the lower court for a new hearing.

c) The lower court¹s ruling is automatically reversed.

d) The lower court¹s ruling is automatically affirmed.

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