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Correction to This Article
A Supreme Court quiz on the Oct. 1 Federal Page incorrectly described the Senate confirmation process for justices of the court. Confirmation requires a simple majority vote by the Senate. The quiz also should have mentioned Justice Stephen G. Breyer's military service; he served six months on active duty as an enlisted man in the Army and seven and a half years as a reservist.
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The Supreme Quiz 2001

16. What is the official name of the room in which the justices hear oral arguments?

a) The Great Hall.

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Supreme Court 2002-2003

b) The John Marshall Memorial Courtroom.

c) It has no title, and is known simply as "the courtroom."

d) The Federal Chamber.

17. True or false: Construction of the Supreme Court building, begun at the nadir of the Great Depression in 1932 and completed in 1935, almost had to be suspended amid public outrage over cost overruns and contractor fraud.

18. When the Supreme Court first assembled on Feb. 1, 1790, how many members did it have?

a) 9

b) 7

c) 6

d) 5

19. The Supreme Court always begins its new term on the first Monday in October. Why?

a) It¹s a tradition inherited from the English courts.

b) The court is required to do so by federal law.

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