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The Supreme Quiz

12. Through 1997, the nine sitting members of the court had hired a total of 394 law clerks. According to USA Today, what percentage of them were graduates of Harvard or Yale? (two points)

a. 90 percent
b. 56 percent
c. 40 percent
d. 21 percent

__ About the Supreme Court __

Interactive Primer: Biographies of each of the nine current justices and background information on court history and the process by which decisions are made.

13. True of false? Each law clerk is expected to never reveal the confidential inner workings of the court. (one point)

14. According to the introduction to their 1979 book, "The Brethren," how many former clerks provided authors Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong inside information on the court? (one point)

a. 0
b. 1
c. 12
d. more than 170


21-27 Cert pool lifeguard
14-20 District court clerk
8-13 File clerk
0-7 Weak resume


(1) b, Antonin Scalia

(2) Rehnquist, Robert H. Jackson; Breyer, Arthur Goldberg; Stevens, Wiley Rutledge

(3) 1886

(4) Rehnquist

(5) Stevens

(6) True

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