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Candidate's Comments

Monday, March 21, 2005; Page B02

Here are some excerpts from The Post's interview with former attorney general Jerry W. Kilgore (R).

Early memories of politics: You just remember Election Day corruption throughout my entire life, whether it's vote hauling or seeing cars roll up with a truckload of the miniature liquor bottles. They would give them away on Election Day. It was just amazing to me that this would be going on around an election. That sort of shaped my honesty-in-government campaign. Let's debate the issues and then let people vote how they want to vote.

The beginnings of running for office: I worked in the federal courthouse in Abingdon. . . . It's a tradition in that courthouse that the courthouse does lunch together often. The judge called up to our office one day and said I really want you to meet this political figure in Virginia, go to lunch with him. That's the first time I met [now-Sen.] George Allen. He was in the House of Delegates, thinking about the congressional race. I liked him a lot.

Impact of education: I grew up in an era in southwest Virginia where we didn't have public kindergarten. I do remember being unable to go to private kindergarten because my parents simply couldn't afford it. So [twin brother] Terry and I go to first grade and everybody else had already been to kindergarten. So we start behind. I understand the value of a public education probably more so than anyone that's run for governor in recent history.

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