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Tedious 'Testosterone'

By Desson Thomson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, December 17, 2004; Page WE44

Stubbled pretty boy and graphic novelist Dean (David Sutcliffe) is heartbroken when his lover, Pablo (Antonio Sabato Jr.), deserts him in Los Angeles. In fact, Dean is so incensed, and in need of closure, he follows the scoundrel all the way to his home town, Buenos Aires.

Pablo's the scion of a powerful family headed by his dour mother (Sonia Braga). So when Dean hammers a little too often on that front door, he finds himself chased by scary cops and thugs. Enlisting help from a waitress (Celina Font) who works across the road from Pablo's, Dean begins a jilted romantic's investigation. He uncovers all manner of secrets about Pablo, which, for us, are tedious convolutions more than shattering revelations.

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The best thing to be said about this potboiler is that it eventually boils away. Perhaps narrative wasn't that important to director David Moreton, who co-adapted James Robert Baker's much darker novel. The movie's primary interest seems to be in following several good-looking men wherever they care to meander.

TESTOSTERONE (R, 105 minutes) --Contains sexual situations and obscenity. At Landmark's E Street Cinema.

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