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Overstating Mr. Bush's Role

Tuesday, February 1, 2005; Page A16

In his Jan. 21 op-ed, "Tomorrow's Threat," Charles Krauthammer gave President Bush credit for "good news," but Mr. Bush had nothing to do with the "orange" and "rose" revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia, nor was he responsible for the Palestinian elections. He certainly had nothing to do with the elections in "two critical Muslim states -- Indonesia and Malaysia."

If Mr. Krauthammer has information about the ultimate success or failure of the recent elections in Iraq, in the face of the slaughter that continues to escalate daily, perhaps he should share that with the rest of us. As to Afghanistan, we'll see.

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To his credit, Mr. Krauthammer includes the voluminous bad news. But as to the past four years under an arrogant and hubris-ridden Bush administration, I'm afraid all we have had is bad news.


Bozeman, Mont.

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