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Roll Playing

Friday, April 15, 2005; Page WE33

Is there a chukker in your future? If you'd like to test your mettle on a pedal, bike polo enthusiasts are willing to help. If you put a group together interested in learning, Bill Matheson, Lou Lopez and the Mount Washington players all are willing to be contacted about training clinics.

"We could get some good competition going up and down the East Coast," says Matheson eagerly.

Adds Mount Washington's Dan Meisner, "We'd really just like someone to play with."


AMERICAN BICYCLE POLO ASSOCIATION -- hometown.aol.com/fourchukker. E-mail fourchukker@aol.com. Home to two gold-medal U.S. team members, this Washington state group is a founding member of the International Bicycle Polo Federation. The official rules (provisional) as well as bike polo links and some photos from international competition can be found on this site.

AXLES OF EVIL -- www.axlesofevil.org. Despite the name and the occasional lapse on the group's Web site into language too blue for a family newspaper (parents be forewarned), the Axles come across as an amiable lot dedicated to the pursuit of two-wheeled fun. Rules, such as they are, for Axles-style play are posted on the site, as are plenty of pictures and a healthy heaping of tongue-in-cheek attitude.

BICYCLE POLO ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA -- www.bicyclepolo.org. E-mail bikepolo@bellsouth.net. This site will connect you to Bill Matheson and features lots of helpful links and information, plus a team photo of the United States' 2004 gold-medal-winning international champions.

INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE POLO ASSOCIATION -- www.worldbicyclepolo.com. Official rules and a brief history of bike polo.

LOU LOPEZ -- E-mail llopezjr45@hotmail.com; 434-979-0293. Lopez leads an informal group of players in the Charlottesville area and says newcomers are welcome.

MEL ROACH -- E-mail mel_roach@yahoo.com; 804-355-2818. Roach is the contact for anyone interested in trying out homegrown bike polo in the Richmond area.

MOUNT WASHINGTON BICYCLE POLO ASSOCIATION -- www.21209.com. E-mail Polo@Meisner.net. See photos and find out more about the Mount Washington players on the site.

POLO VELO -- www.polo-velo.net. This French Web site (with an English-language version) offers a long list of bike polo links and a detailed history of the game.

THE BIKE POLO PICTURE SITE -- www.bikepolo.net. The title is self-explanatory -- lots of good bike polo photos, plus links to a few bike polo sites.

U.S. BICYCLE POLO ASSOCIATION -- www.bikepolo.com. E-mail usbikepolo@aol.com. Based in California, this group has its own take on the rules, and a short QuickTime movie on the Web site gives you an idea of how fast the game moves (and no, the ref doesn't normally have to run -- maybe he got a flat). You can order equipment from the group also.


BOXWOOD BICYCLE POLO CO. -- E-mail bikepolo@bellsouth.net; 803-648-4993. www.boxwoodbicyclepolo.com. Based in South Carolina, Boxwood is run by Bill Matheson and supplies everything you need to play, including bike polo customized bike components and whole bicycles.

GLADIATOR -- 3499 Cowes Mews, Woodbridge. E-mail usgladiators@aol.com; 703-878-9434. www.gladiator-sports.com. Gladiator supplies equipment for a variety of sports. Mallets and balls available.

NANO'S POLO MALLETS -- E-mail info@polomallets.com; 800-903-6266. www.polomallets.com. Manau cane shafts and tipa-wood heads and a treatise on the Web site on how a Nano mallet is made.

-- Caroline Kettlewell

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