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Cowboy Boots in the City

Sunday, December 12, 2004; Page M11

Q What do you think of wearing cowboy boots off the farm?

Made for Walking?, Washington

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AIf you ride horses, run a ranch or teach country line dancing, you can go ahead and wear any cowboy boots you want, any way you want. For city kids, though, there are a few rules. First, these boots are casual; they should be matched with jeans or cords, untucked. Don't ever wear them with dress pants and, unless you want people to confuse you with Larry Hagman, never pair them with a business suit. Anyone over age 10 and not working for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders should stick to the basic black or brown leather: no exotic skins, bright colors, spurs or jangles. Worn-in boots can be sexy. If you've had yours for 20 years, by all means, wear 'em (then again, if you've had them that long you probably never stopped). But leave your cowboy hats, turquoise jewelry or bolo ties at home. One item off the range is kicky; two is trying too hard. Sara Switzer

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