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Correction to This Article
The Dec. 10 Names & Faces column incorrectly said that Sen. Ted Kennedy will present Susan Sarandon with an award at Tuesday's People for the American Way fundraiser. The presenter will be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Friday, December 10, 2004; Page C03

Liberally Awarding Lefties

Alerting all celeb spotters -- you didn't hear it from us, but Tuesday night's a good night to lurk around the Kennedy Center. You know the saying: Award 'em and they will come, and that's just what People for the American Way and its Foundation are doing there. The annual D.C. fundraiser for that granola-chomping semi-vast left-wing conspiracy promises to attract a mob of million-dollar faces. (Or at least five.)

Chevy Chase (the comedian, not the suburb . . . or bank, for that matter) and Cynthia Nixon have agreed to co-host the event. We do appreciate that if you're active within the People for the American Way, they do reward, er, award you well. Board member Alec Baldwin is getting a Defender of Democracy award, presented to him by PFAW founder Norman Lear, while former PFAW president Carole Shields is nabbing this year's Spirit of Liberty award, which she'll accept from soon-to-be-former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.). Meanwhile, who could throw a liberal bash and not invite Susan Sarandon? She's taking home a Defender of Democracy award, too, which is being handed over by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.).

Alec Baldwin is being feted by a group of which he just happens to be a board member. (Louis Lanzano -- AP)

So have at it, stalkers.

No Aloha for The Donald

There's one place you won't see Donald Trump: Hawaii.

His kids -- mainly daughter Ivanka and youngest son Eric -- confess in this week's New York magazine that each time they mention the islands, The Donald tries to persuade them to go elsewhere. "I went to Hawaii," Eric tells the mag, "and he was like, 'Oh, don't go to Hawaii!' He had disdain." In his best Donald voice, Eric imitates his father: "'Why don't you just go to Palm Beach? We have Mar-a-Lago,' " referring to the private and luxurious uber-club.

So we guess this means Hawaii is out of the running for honeymoon spots. Speaking of his pending wedding to supermodel Melania Knauss, Trump is seemingly overwhelmed with jewelry offers. "Everybody wants me to use their rings for the obvious reasons," the mogul says, according to the New York Post. "And literally, they are throwing diamonds at me!" Maybe they're just stoning him?

Noted . . .

At the Washington Ballet's premiere of its new, historically revised production (set in 1882 in a G-town mansion) of "The Nutcracker," which familiar Washington face will be playing the role of Frederick Douglass? None other than man-about-town/superlawyer Vernon Jordan, who's happy to make a cameo as the famed abolitionist . . . Bruce Willis is having an awfully busy philanthropic week. First he hung out in Washington Monday and had a presser with Mayor Williams regarding foster care, and by Tuesday he was surprising the folks in Hailey, Idaho -- where he has a home near Sun Valley -- when he unexpectedly announced at the Friedman Airport Authority meeting that he intended to donate a portion of his land to help build a new airport . . . And if actress and aspiring pop tart Lindsay Lohan could do anything she wanted without being recognized -- or caught? -- what would the "Mean Girl" do? All the substance abuse and table-top dancing the tabloids accuse her of, she says. "I would go and do everything they say Lindsay Lohan does and have them focus on someone else and have the attention taken off me completely." But maybe not completely off her new CD?

. . . and Quoted

"Call me old-fashioned but nothing says 'I love you' like a big, old rock."

-- Catherine Zeta-Jones telling her "Ocean's Twelve" co-star, Brad Pitt, what to buy wife Jennifer Aniston for their anniversary, according to MSNBC's Jeannette Walls.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

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