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Text: Remarks by Rep. Portman to the National Republican Convention

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004; 9:43 PM

The following are remarks by Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on the economy at the 2004 Republican National Convention:

PORTMAN: Secretary Chao, thanks you very much. Thanks for your powerful message. Thanks for the great job you do for America's workers.

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As you can tell, those of us from Ohio... 


... are very proud to support Dick Cheney and George Bush. 


We're proud for a very simple reason. We're proud because George Bush and Dick Cheney have proven to Ohio and the nation that when times are tough, we can count on their strong leadership.

Let's remember where we have been. This president inherited an economy that was spiraling into recession, losing jobs in states like Ohio. In fact, in the last year of the Clinton administration, Ohio lost 33,000 manufacturing jobs.

Well, this year, we are adding jobs, including in manufacturing. Secretary Chao just talked about that, 1.5 million jobs in the last 11 months.

Yes, we have more work to do, but we are on track for sustained economic growth. I visited two factories in Ohio this past week and met with workers who are competing in the global economy. These Ohio workers get it. They know that government doesn't create jobs, regardless of how many promises Senator Kerry makes.

PORTMAN: But they also know that the next administration will play a critical role in creating the environment for job growth, giving workers the tools they need to succeed.

This means continuing the Bush tax cuts, not raising taxes just as jobs are coming back.


But it means more.

This also means lower health care costs, not government mandates that raise the costs for everyone. This means a fair judicial system, not job-destroying frivolous lawsuits. . 

This means opening foreign markets to the best goods and services in the world -- American products -- not retreating into economic isolationism that will kill jobs.

This means giving workers the opportunity to build their skills to meet 21st century challenges, not false hope and empty promises that ignore the realities of a changing economy. 

This means an aggressive energy policy that lessens our dependence on foreign oil. 


Above all, this means that we need the hopeful, optimistic agenda of George W. Bush...


... a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda for the next four years so that we can compete and win in the global environment that we face.


Ohio's workers deserve no less. America's workers deserve no less. And, folks, this means one more thing. This means that whether you are a blue state or a red state or a swing state like Ohio, each and every one of us must do our part to keep George Bush in the White House for four more years. 

AUDIENCE: Four more years. Four more years. Four more years. 

PORTMAN: Thank you all.

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