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Thursday, Sept. 2, at 4 p.m. ET

Republican Convention: Right On Your TV Dial

Dennis Miller
Comedian and CNBC Talk Show Host
Thursday, September 2, 2004; 4:00 PM

The 2004 Republican National Convention will come to a close Thursday night with speeches from New York Governor George E. Pataki and President Bush.

Emmy-award-winning comedian and CNBC talk show host Dennis Miller takes your questions Thursday, Sept. 2, 4 p.m. ET on the convention, the 2004 election and his CNBC show.

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41st president George Herbert Walker Bush will be Dennis Miller's guest tonight.

The transcript follows.

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Dennis Miller: I am sitting here with my head writer Zell Miller waiting to do today's show but Zell has just blown a gasket so I can take questions.


Rosslyn, Va.: Do you think the GOP is happy and relieved that Zell and Cheney's speeches are receiving all the attention so the media doesn't focus on the awful job the Twins did? Karen Hughes and those who approved that speech should be fired immediately! Simply awful and shameful for the 20-something crowd.

Dennis Miller: I think that is exactly how 22 year-old girls act. I think if anyone is looking at the daughters of these men to see who they will vote for as commander and chief they are knee deep in naiveté.


New York, N.Y.: How much of the campaign have you been watching? Do you have a favorite delegate and/or funny hat?

Dennis Miller: I watch most of the campaign and I do so in my favorite hat - a fake fur fez.


Bethesda, Md.: Dennis --

I was a big fan of Saturday night live when you were on (and what a cast you worked with -- I don't know how you guys got through some of those shows with a straight face!) and I love your new show. I am a conservative, but I think you are fair with all your guests. What is your opinion of the press reaction to this campaign? Also, what is your take on the speeches? Do you think this will give Bush a bigger bounce than the DNC gave Kerry?

Dennis Miller: I think there are three prongs there: I think the mainstream press is completely liberal and I am fine with that. I notice that Fox is eating even the networks this convention. More power to them.

I would rate in order of my preference: Arnold., Giuliani, Laura, Zell, McCain

No. I don't think there is a bounce to be had. Anybody who says they are undecided is just seeking attention. How much do you need to decide? If you haven't decided by now you are probably too stupid to operate the voting machine anyway.


Undisclosed Network Programming Office, 30 Rockefeller Center: You probably haven't had a chance to read Lisa de Moraes's discussion, but I think we're on to something. How about a midseason sitcom featuring Zell Miller and the Bush twins?

washingtonpost.com: In a Tuesday Night Showdown, Fox News Channel Outdraws the Big Three (Post, Sept. 2)

Dennis Miller: That sounds like the funniest show of the season.


Bakersfield, Calif.: Why is it that I feel that this convention is just so negative? All I seem to hear is -- be afraid be very afraid, and of course we should be very afraid of Kerry and terrorism. What about being very afraid of the declining economy and rising health care costs. What about being afraid of our on going dependency on Oil-Saudi Oil no less. I have been very disappointed in the message that this convention has had and hope that Bush breaks away from this.

Dennis Miller: I think it has been a great convention, and I am afraid of people who are perpetually afraid.


Washington, D.C.: Mr. Miller,

I'm a regular viewer of your show, and sometimes I'm amazed by your patience with the occasional panelist that espouses some pretty cliched conspiracy theories about the Bush Administration. Two questions:

1. Do the disagreements or political divisions ever get to you or cause you to want to lay a verbal smackdown on a guest? You seem very laid back about all of it ...

2. Do David Horowitz and the show's monkey get along?

PS - You should get Jonah Goldberg to do your show.

Dennis Miller: First the monkey is unapproachable because. The monkey refuses to take visitors in his streamlined air-conditioned trailer.

Horowitz and I are mere minions.

I watched Chris Mathews with Zell Miller last night and it would freak me out to get in fights with people. It is not that important for me to get my opinion across. When you can get a 72 year-old guy mad enough to kick your butt you might have gone too far.


Washington, D.C.: Mr. Miller, glad to see you are on board with the GOP. Have you seen Chris Matthews interview with Zell Miller last night? Zell wanted to challenge him to a duel... I like it. How do you think Kerry is going to respond to the attacks on his Senate record considering he voted against so many defense projects and was absent 76 percent of the time for the Intelligence Committee?

Dennis Miller: I think Kerry is in a bind now because I think if he continues to talk about Vietnam he will face the wrath of the Swift Boat Veterans and if he talks about his votes for the past 20 years he will draw the wrath of people who want strong defense systems. He has painted himself into a bit of a corner. Let’s see if he is smart enough to extricate himself.


Los Angeles, Calif.: Hey Miller,

You should take a cue from another conservative Tucker Carlson who has said publicly "I think Iraq was a huge mistake." and "I am embarrassed I supported the war."

Anyone who was pro-war in 2002 who still thinks we should have gone in is insane. That means you.

Dennis Miller: I can not understand why you would want to spend your afternoon emailing an insane person like me.


Alexandria, Va.: As a comic, what is/are your favorite joke/s from the convention speeches thus far?

Dennis Miller: I like the fact that Arnold didn't shy away from the girly men thing. I know the joke by now, but I admire him for using it. When in doubt steer into the skid.


Indiana: If you were forced to get locked up in a room with either Michael Moore, Al Franken or Bill Maher, which of your ideological opposites would you choose? (Assuming you're basing your choice on the ability to still be funny despite political viewpoint...)

Dennis Miller: Maher and Al are two really good friends of mine so either of them. One also has to remember that if Mike Moore is in the room there is no other room left in the room.


Washington, D.C.: Did you watch Monday night football or the convention? If Kerry and Bush only have two debates, how about you and Franken teaming up to more truthfully advocate the postions of W & JFK (KJW, according to the Swifties)?

washingtonpost.com: FYI, Franken will be Live Online here at 5:30 p.m. ET.

Dennis Miller: Al is so smart I wouldn't want to debate him cause he would beat the hell out of me. I haven't watched Monday Night Football since they fired that Miller kid.

I am kidding, I watch it all the time.


Little Rock, Ark.: The 9/11 Commission disproved Bush's claims of ties between Iraq and al Qaeda. Now Iraq is a lawless breeding ground for terrorists, who are multiplying there every day. Why do you support a president who creates havens in which terrorism GROWS?

Dennis Miller: Come on President Clinton, your turn is up now.

I happen to believe that there was a connection between the secular state of Iraq and Al Quada. I still do. Abu Nidal was found there at the end of his life, shot dead in his Baghdad condominium. Police suspect fair play.


Victoria, B.C.: Every time you bash France, it makes me cringe. Why do you engage in such a low, base form of denigrating humor? It's a really cheap shot that reinforces the arrogant, parochial attitude that the Bush Administration has come to symbolize with it's "Freedom Fries" and such.

Dennis Miller: I like bashing France.


Dennis Miller: Viva la America. Thanks for your time.


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