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Portrait of a Private Road

Friday, March 4, 2005; Page B04

Where: The 14-mile highway connects Dulles International Airport and Leesburg.

History: Dedicated in September 1995, it was the first private toll road in Virginia since 1816. Planning started in 1988 after the General Assembly authorized private development of toll roads.

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Tolls: Fees increased in September. Drivers pay as much as $2.75 to drive the full length during the busiest times and $2.35 at other times. Tolls could rise as high as $3 by 2007.

Advantage: The 65 mph speed limit and absence of traffic lights give commuters an alternative to congestion on Routes 7 and 28. Greenway operators estimate it saves at least 15 minutes at rush hour on the trip from Leesburg to Dulles.

Expansion: Plans include widening the highway from Leesburg to Claiborne Parkway in Ashburn and building two exits in between, expanding the main toll plaza, building a ramp to the airport and reconfiguring an exit at Route 606 as a cloverleaf.

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