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Tuesday, September 28, 2004; Page C13

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A big national horse race is getting close to the finish line and we think you'll have more fun watching it if you have a favorite. We're talking, of course, about the presidential election. On Nov. 2, voters will decide which of the two leading candidates get to live in the White House and lead the United States for the next four years: President George W. Bush, a Republican, says he deserves another four years on the job. Senator John F. Kerry, a Democrat, says it's time for a change.You've seen them on television and in newspapers, making speeches, shaking hands, kissing babies. Kids can't vote, but who the president is can affect kids' lives. Between now and Election Day, KidsPost will compare the candidates' stands on major issues that kids may have questions about. Today, Fern Shen looks at education. In coming weeks, there will be stories on the economy, the war in Iraq, terrorism and stem-cell research.

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