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Hobbit-Hole Fund

Sunday, January 9, 2005; Page M02

(Tracy Lee Silveria)

Rob and Tania Harrison are getting back to the earth. Middle Earth, that is. For their first home, the Chester, Md.-based newlyweds aren't dreaming of a McMansion -- no, their fantasy house is, literally, the stuff of fantasy: a hobbit hole (a dead ringer for the comfy subterranean nook occupied by Bilbo Baggins in "The Lord of the Rings," to be exact). "We've always been big Tolkien fans," Tania says. The couple is consulting with a family architect to build their Shire structure on Kent Island, but since they're a bit short on cash (and since few contractors accept hobbit coinage), they've begun soliciting contributions from fellow LOTR fanatics on the Web (www.ourhobbithole.com). As Rob puts it, "Sometimes you just have to take your crazy ideas and run with them." Joab Jackson

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