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How to Protect Your Computer


PC Users Warned of Infected Web Sites (, Jun 25, 2004)
Experts Study Developing Internet Attack (Associated Press, Jun 25, 2004)
Attack Knocks Major Web Sites Offline (The Washington Post, Jun 16, 2004)
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Friday, June 25, 2004; 3:01 PM

The Internet attack that happened last week attached software code to certain Web sites that could allow hackers to steal personal information from unwitting computer users. Your computer will not show any signs of infection, but it is not hard to discover if it was hit.

Microsoft has posted detailed instructions on how to tell if your computer has been hit and what to do about it:

If you cannot reach that Web site, here are Microsoft's instructions:

* On the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start, and then click Search.

* Under "What do you want to search for?" click "All files and folders."

* Under "All or part of the file name," enter the following text to search for both of these files: Kk32.dll

* If either of these files is present, your computer may be infected. You can clean your computer by using up-to-date antivirus software, a key step in protecting your PC. You can obtain antivirus protection from the following software vendors participating in the Microsoft Virus Information Alliance:

Computer Associates

Here are Microsoft's instructions for setting your Internet Explorer's browser security settings to "high:"

* On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click "Internet Options."

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