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Decision Iraq

Questions: Your reaction? What should or could a president do about this discord among top officials of his administration?

20. Powell also had said he believed that the Bush administration had become "dangerously protective" of its decisions on Iraq and was unable to consider changing course.

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Question: How does a president set up a system or process to enable his administration to alter course or get a clear-eyed evaluation of its actions and its consequences?

21. President Bush has said on the record that he did not directly ask Powell, Rumsfeld or his father, former President George H.W. Bush, whether he should go to war in Iraq. He did ask national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and his senior aide, Karen Hughes.

Questions: Your reaction? What sort of consultation process would you have on major national security decisions? Would you consult former presidents, even former President Bush?

22. Asked in December 2003 how history would judge his Iraq war, Bush suggested that history was far off. "We won't know. We'll all be dead," he said.

Questions: How do you judge his Iraq war? What do you think history's verdict is likely to be?

Bob Woodward is a Post reporter and assistant managing editor. He is the author of 12 books, including two on the current administration, "Bush at War" and "Plan of Attack."

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