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In Fairfax, Voters Like To Swing

Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page VA46

Fairfax residents broke a 32-year pattern in the 2004 presidential election by voting for Democrat John F. Kerry. Between 1968 and 2000, a majority of county voters had backed the Republican candidate for president.

The record is mixed for local elections; Democrats have had a majority on the Board of Supervisors for almost 11 years. One reason for this pattern is an independent streak among voters.

Fairfax backed Republican George H.W. Bush for president in 1988 but Democrat L. Douglas Wilder for governor in 1989.

George H.W. Bush won the county in 1988, but a year later voters chose Democrat L. Douglas Wilder for governor. The county gave a narrow edge to George W. Bush in 2000, but backed Democrat Mark R. Warner for governor the next year.

After President Bush carried Virginia last year, political candidates and analysts will be watching Fairfax County carefully for signs of changes in voting patterns.

Virginia will elect statewide officials Nov. 8, including a governor and attorney general. Members of the House of Delegates also are up for election.

To learn more about the Democratic and Republican organizations in the county, contact:

• Fairfax County Democratic Committee, 7245 Arlington Blvd., Suite 205, Falls Church, Va. 22042. 703-573-6811; fax: 703-560-7004. www.fairfaxdemocrats.org.

• Fairfax County Republican Committee, 4246 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax, Va. 22030. 703-766-4467. www.fairfaxco-gop.org.

For information about registering to vote, call 703-324-4700 or go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/gov/eb/homepage.htm.

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