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Making a Springtime Love Connection

Got a Passion for Screen Romance? See If Your Affairs Are in Order

Sunday, April 17, 2005; Page N03

It's spring and love is in the air (or is that pollen?), but are your trivia wits in bloom? A low-stress quiz (out of deference to the allergy-challenged) to see if you really H movies.

1. Rom-com "A Lot Like Love," starring the inescapable Ashton Kutcher, opens this Friday. What is the age difference between Kutcher and his off-screen girlfriend, Demi Moore?

Ashton and Demi, leaping across the generation gap. (Chris Pizzello -- AP)

A. 12 years 3 months; B. 15 years 9 months; C. 25 years; D. 18 years 2 months

2. In "Punch-Drunk Love," salesman Barry Egan, played by Adam Sandler, stocks up on what snack in his quest to earn frequent flier miles?

A. Healthy Choice pudding packs; B. Betty Crocker fruit rollups; C. McGriddles; D. Turkey jerky

3. Which R-rated movie with "love" in the title won an Academy Award for Best Picture?

A. "Love Is All There Is"; B. "Shakespeare in Love"; C. "Love Actually"; D. "Love & Murder"

4. Which Sports Illustrated swimsuit model makes a cameo as a flight attendant in 2000's "Love and Basketball"?

A. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos; B. Elle Macpherson; C. Heidi Klum; D. Tyra Banks

5. What musical instrument is Audrey Hepburn studying when she falls for playboy millionaire Gary Cooper in 1957's "Love in the Afternoon"?

A. Piano; B. Cello; C. Flute; D. Trumpet

6. What number did Herbie, the racing Volkswagen Beetle in "The Love Bug" (1968), have painted on his hood?

A. 72; B. 53; C. 84; D. 666

7. What New York landmark do Annette Bening and Warren Beatty agree on as a rendezvous point after parting ways in the 1994 box office bomb "Love Affair"?

A. Bergdorf's; B. The Plaza hotel; C . The Empire State Building; D. The Brooklyn Bridge

8. Married war correspondent William Holden is covering which war when he falls in love with a beautiful doctor in "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing"?

A. World War II; B. Civil War; C. Korean War; D. Vietnam

9. Diane Keaton, who plays Woody Allen's cousin and love interest in his 1975 movie "Love and Death," collects which of the following?

A. Pez dispensers; B. Men; C. Lunchboxes; D. Clown paintings

10. In "From Russia With Love," what body part does Bond girl Tatiana Romanova complain is too big?

A. Mouth; B. Ears; C. Nose; D. Knees

11. How many husbands did Lana Turner, who marries a gigolo in "Love Has Many Faces," have in her lifetime?

A. 9; B. 3; C. 7; D. 5

12. What job does Clark Gable give up to win over Joan Crawford in the 1936 romantic comedy "Love on the Run"?

A. Lawyer; B. Tabloid reporter; C. Spy; D. Race car driver

13. What was the title of the short film spoof about a famous filmmaker's experience in college?

A. "Everybody Loves Ridley Scott"; B. "George Lucas in Love"; C. "Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Wino' "; D. "Martin Scorsese: Seminary Daze"

-- Compiled by Kimberly Edds

ANSWERS: 1. B; 2. A; 3. B; 4. D; 5. B; 6. B; 7. C; 8. C; 9. D; 10. A; 11. C; 12. B; 13. B

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