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Loudoun Home Sales

Sunday, December 12, 2004; Page LZ16

The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41938-Mary K. and William P. McMullan to Valentina L. and Brian A. Thomas, $449,900.

BLACK ROCK TERR., 42256-Ryland Group Inc. to Heather A. and Jeffery S. Jordan, $305,000.

CALCITE PL., 24951-Stone Ridge Community Development to Cynthia H. and Michael D. Rhodes, $448,152.

CINNABAR SQ., 41949-Stone Ridge Community Development to Stephanie Gotfried, $476,020.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42112-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kenneth Oporto, $311,670.

HIDDENWOOD LANE, 42274-Hiddenwood Lane Corp. to Kaye L.H. and Fares F. Elkurdi, $681,344.

HIGH PLATEAU CT., 24792-Centex Homes to Dunia and Farid Nooristani, $532,060.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24713-Centex Homes to Sammy K. Fontinel, $300,230.

KUDU CT., 41991-NVR Inc. to Judith W. and William H. Cook Jr., $640,835.

NEW MOUNTAIN RD., 23868-Heidi E. Crown to Nona P. Cassada, $690,900.

PRAIRIE GRASS DR., 24803-Beazer Homes Corp. to Karen and Michael Rogstad, $383,294.

SOUSA PL., 40561-D.R. Horton Inc. to Sara E. and Kenneth E. Cornman, $781,685.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24792-Centex Homes to Richard A. and Sarah B. Murphy, $488,285.

SUPREME DR., 25287-NVR Inc. to Maria Teresa and Edgar E. Suarez, $501,741.

SWEETNESS TERR., 25365-NVR Inc. to Doantrang N. Diep, $116,205.

VACATION PL., 25471-NVR Inc. to Kimberly Brown and Steven Bagley, $547,444.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ANCHORAGE CIR., 47521-Margaila and C.B. Kretchmar to Sudha Chopra, $551,000.

ASHLEY TERR., 20508-Maria C. and John B. Lardner to O. Tarachtchenko and Dmitri Astaltsev, $378,900.

BLACKWATER FALLS TERR., 47346-Junie H. and Christopher M. Allen to Manjula Pasham and Ravi Gaddam, $380,000.

BLUE HERON TERR., 20492-Loudoun Village Joint Venture Corp. to Rithy Seng and Robina Seng, $362,000.

BRAXTON DR., 15-Donna M. and Edward M. Gleason Jr. to Arnulfo and Emerenciana Ramira, $400,000.

BRENTMEADE TERR., 20359-Lydia and David Catacora Jr. to Todd Franklin and Maureen McLoughlin, $450,000.

BRINKS CT., 13-Karen A. Przybylski to Fanor Nina, $395,000.

BROADSPEAR TERR., 46579-Mary Ellen Fortier to Lydia R. and Karthik R. Abram, $355,600.

BURNLEY SQ., 20327-Mary Gena and Richard H. Kunz to James Pei, $358,000.

CLOVER FIELD TERR., 20362-Kathleen L. and Jeffrey M. Juliane to Robin D. Martin, $445,000.

COMPTON CIR., 47576-Lynn F. and Wayne E. Baker to Christine and Todd Molland, $765,000.

CRISSWELL CT., 3-Susan N. and David J. Hembach to Carol Ann and Richard Lee James, $539,900.

CUTWATER PL., 20679-Margery C. and Jerome S. Stern to Stephanie and Peter J. Weinbrecht, $475,000.

DAIRY LANE, 20193-Ronald S. and Marjorie A. Fowler to Creative Alternatives Corp., $360,000.

DARKHOLLOW FALLS TERR., 47380-David L. Rorrer and Beth M. Gifford to Khalil Tajini, $383,500.

DORRELL CT., 28-Betis Portillo to Suchada Sorensen, $270,000.

DULANY CT., 48-Donna E. and Edgar L. Wotring to O. Oprean and Eleonora Work, $214,900.

DULANY CT., 8-Marie M. and Bobby G. Jones to Murali Krishnan Gunasekaran, $236,000.

FELSTED CT., 319-Jennifer B. and Michael R. Dunn to Daniel Mendoza, $307,000.

FINCHINGFIELD CT., 205-Celine Thai to Hoa Son Thai and Xuan V. Phan, $295,000.

GARRETT PL., 47074-Joy P. and Robert D. Vaeth to Donna and Darryl J. Fengya, $650,000.

GARRETT PL., 47079-Theodore T. and Jennifer Y. Ahn to Kathleen L. and Jeffrey M. Juliane, $653,000.

HALIFAX CT., 9-Carolyn S. and Patrick G. Lowry to N. Liebhauser and Patrick Stump, $525,000.

HAMILTON RD., 116-Leslie L. and Gregory C. Dutcher to Commercial Lending Corp., $275,000.

HAMILTON RD., 116-Commercial Lending Corp. to D. Sparrow and Jonathon E. Perrelli, $440,000.

HAMILTON RD., 132-Janice O. and Michael T. Webster to Flora Snorgrass and Richard Maslyn, $430,000.

HARBERT CT., 2-Flora C. and Bill F. Snorgrass to Chong Koh and Holly Armstrong, $268,000.

HEATHER GLEN RD., 201-Finley A. MacKinnon to Maria C. and John B. Lardner, $479,900.

HOLLYMEAD PL., 46513-Linda H. and Caisson M. Vickery to Melanie C. and Bobby A. Dillon, $479,000.

HOLLYMEAD PL., 46572-Nancy M. and Jeffrey D. Wallace to Jenna L. and Young C. Choe, $545,000.

LAWNES CREEK TERR., 46844-Emmanuel and Monika Awuah to Kwabena and Vida A. Riverson, $300,000.

LINDENWOOD CT., 3-Melissa and Randall Keefer to Minara Akhter, $338,200.

LONGWOOD CT., 47219-John Robert Dydo to Gretchen and James MacMillan III, $695,000.

LOWELAND TERR., 47670-Jeannette N. Gulla to Aida S. and Angelo J. Mele, $430,000.

LUDWELL CT., 9-Nancy and Warren White to Joanne Adames and David Adames, $272,000.

MCCARTY CT., 7-Kimberly J. Morley to Pamela Smith, $340,000.

MILTHORN TERR., 46239-Anne M. Schuster to Sujatha and Minakshi Sundaram, $365,000.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20841-Anne B. and Klee C. Dobra to Thomas M. and Kay M. Kale, $445,500.

MUDDY HARBOUR SQ., 20660-M. Cleveland and Simeon Dimitrov to Graeme Burman, $439,000.

NICHOLSON CT., 25-Loubna B. and Abdelhakim Raqi to Tyrun L. Washington, $280,000.

PEMBRIDGE CT., 20519-Rosanna and Barry Stephen Thein to Reena V. Bhatia, $500,000.

PEMBRIDGE CT., 20522-Dayna Lund and James M. Reynolds to Jennifer R. and Michael B. Rose, $445,000.

PRYOR SQ., 46354-Zheng Wang and Qi Shu to Ling Z. Cheng and Guobao Tao, $320,000.

QUINCY CT., 27-Kathy Truong and Thao X. Dang to Paul Blower, $253,500.

ROCKINGHAM TERR., 20857-Judy Mitchell to Sritapa and Pruthbiraj Patnaik, $375,000.

SAULTY DR., 47800-Elizabeth and John Todd Patrick to Lisa and Stephen Coffman, $882,000.

SHADOW WOODS CT., 20559-K. Messner and Konstantine Lekos to Myriam F. and John E. Wahl, $589,900.

SISLER CT., 47482-John and Suzanne Medairy to Richard A. and Christine Resnick, $570,000.

SMITHFIELD CT., 20695-Debra K. White to Magdalena Sypula, $530,000.

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