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Prince George's Home Sales

48TH PL., 9519-Mary J.M. Layman to Christine A. Razzano, $225,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1947-Carolyn M. and Thomas Gillespie to Malikah A. Collier, $90,000.

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BANKRUN TER., 6931-Mauricio F. Atherly to S. Akinwumi, $130,000.

BRADMOORE DR., 1703-Carlton J. Woodbury to Renaldo D. Bell, $218,000.

BREWTON ST., 2116-Carole F. and Michael F. Finan to Peter A. Bird, $183,000.

CROSS ST., 7169, No. 201-Connie R. Cook to Tyrone Wilson, $77,500.

FOREST RUN DR., 2920-William N. and Phyllis D. Porter to Imani and Preston Scott, $165,000.

HALLECK ST., 6415-J. Michael Haywood to Faye L. Pollard, $160,000.

LITTLE HILL LANE, 3421-Jean H. Jones to Angela C. Adams, $171,000.

MERRITT ST., 6609-Rufus Jr. and Sheila A. Gant to Jose G. and Antonio Alvarenga, $179,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8512-Debbie P. Johnson to Tracey Everett, $156,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8555-Angelique R. Coplin to Monica Mathis, $155,000.

SETON WAY, 2342-Charles B. Jackson to Harnethia and Derrick L. Cousar, $164,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2760-Rosslyn Y. Washington to Michael A. Hart Jr., $155,000.

TULIP AVE., 1607-Teresa Knight to Yvette Moore, $153,440.

Fort Washington Area

BENTREE RD., 7409-Carolyn E. Carey to Gregory R. Hawkin and Mictrena Mickel, $162,500.

BONHILL DR., 405-Lanita K. and Andrew L. Colbert to Teresa A. Bates, $345,000.

CHARRED OAK DR., 3806-Charlene E. and Stephen M. Gill to Jeffrey C. Faulkner, $217,000.

CLARION RD., 13014-Patrick E. Landolt to Henry M. Balagtas, $113,122.

COLDWATER DR., 13215-Reginald A. Lewis to Monique Murdock and Kevin G. Jones, $235,000.

DORIS DR., 9201-Mathew J. and Holly H.K. and Ida R. Horne to Angelo Crump, $167,000.

DOVER ST., 8710-Francis A. Mehlfelt to Latesha C. Walters, $228,000.

FAWLEY AVE., 7506-Elwood J. Marks to Uzorchi J. Wogu, $255,000.

FLINTLOCK LANE, 10910-Dawson E. Campbell to Sharnell B. Coope and Gary O. Brown, $275,000.

FORT FOOTE TER. W., 8809-James L. Bowen to Sheryl L. and David L. Gatheright, $185,000.

FRONTIER CT., 2009-L. Carolyn and Robert T. Holmes to Tameka J. Johnson, $173,000.

GUNPOWDER DR., 11100-Marvet R. Sylver to Donna Cole, $259,000.

HARRISON AVE., 13200-Max L. and Margaret S. Buff to Jamila and Daron Odom, $178,300.

JAYWICK AVE., 7914-Archer L. and Sue M. Durham to Isoland and Norris M. Rich, $258,000.

LARKHALL CIR., 13112-James M. Cain to Carolyn and Shawn Wood, $275,000.

OLD FORT RD., 12936-James K. Snyder and Robert K. Thomas to Zorita Y. Hinton, $205,000.

PALMER ST., 9002-Earl G. Ferebee to Miriam Kanu and Munda K. Banya, $183,000.

POTOMAC DR., 9709-Marion E. and Myrtle L. West to Christy I. and Leonard G. Goff, $1.13 million.

RIVER WOOD DR., 409-Michael W. Wood to Karyne Joseph, $250,000.

ROSE VALLEY DR., 2817-Kevin E. Clinkenbeard to Edil B. and Naun E. Villatoro, $225,000.

RUSLAND CT., 8815-Marque A. and Bernice E. Lopez to Tyronda Boone, $104,200.

Glenn Dale Area

GUINEVERE PL., 12119-Audrey Burwell to Phaliere P. and Melva E. Hondre, $315,000.

SIR LANCELOT DR., 12208-James N. Winston to Donna M. Smith, $321,000.

Greenbelt Area

BROOKS PL., 7906-Cheryl D. Childs to Joseph Yeboah, $237,500.

EMPIRE PL., 19-Corliss N. and Donald L. Brooks to Mary M. Hazelton, $244,800.

GREENBELT RD., 8427-Erik A. Davis to Joseph T. and Micka J. Dixon, $100,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8431, No. 201-Marlyn and Patrick Walters to Patryce D. Britton, $96,900.

GREENBELT RD., 8453, No. 201-Julia M. Whitcomb to Angela M. Ricciuti, $96,000.

JACOBS DR., 7804-Douglas E. Humphrey to Deborah Neufville, $190,000.

MANDAN RD., 8005-George W. and Alice V. Church to John A. Morgan II and Ladonna S. Woods, $89,800.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 4102-Ronald J. Watson to Susan and Christopher R. Currie, $100,000.

GALLATIN ST., 5504-Marian Martin to Addias M. Valz Richardson, $157,000.

HAMILTON ST., 5607-Patricia L. and Robert E. Garner to Jose T. and Elsy N. Ferrufino, $209,900.

HANOVER PKWY., 6932, No. 303-Gedal K. Kweti to Lai C. Lee, $80,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7714-Gillian F. Dwyer to Der W. and Lynn L. Tu, $107,000.

KENNEDY ST., 4105-Wendy S. and Joseph M. McClellan to John M. Rappel, $283,350.

39TH AVE., 5724-Marie Doyle to Riccardo Casalini, $237,000.

42ND AVE., 5319-James E. Jr. and Diane S. Dornan to Jeanne Jones and Gary Peller, $435,500.

43RD AVE., 6208-Clyde Wenzel, trustee, to Rosanna L. and Joseph D. Weaver, $269,900.

55TH AVE., 5009-Oscar and Juan Huerta to Carmen Ferrell, $219,900.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9110-Colby R. White to Katrina M. Clark, $165,000.

BAYWOOD DR., 7308-Jean M. and Henry D. Caraway to Kelly L. Britt, $335,500.

CALANDA ST., 9300-Carolyn S. Fincham to Wellington Newton, $199,500.

CALANDA ST., 9312-Rosa M. and Francisco I. Lobos to Denise Kearney, $202,500.

CIPRIANO RD., 7001-San and Edward P. Szuszczewicz to Valeria W. James, $245,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 9424-James A. and Dona L. Anstead to Clemente A. Rosal and Santos A. Cruz, $196,500.

GREENWOOD LANE, 9233-Daniel C. Col and Kathleen F. Cabahug to Maria S. Monge, $220,000.

NASHVILLE RD., 6931-Dhaval S. and Shamik J. Parikh to Tonya M. Thompson, $265,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7034-Phillita E. and Michael M. Smith Jr. to D. Michele Diggs, $175,000.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6544-Marjorie and Wislyn A. Lawrence to Atemlafac P. Nyakangah, $240,000.

TREXLER CT., 6829-Triana W. Walls to Jose P. Bravo, $217,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 9520-Ethel and Daniel Lynch to Vu Tran, $140,000.

WORRELL AVE., 9318-Bradley K. Willis to Cindy L.M. Demmin, $140,000.

Largo Area

BARBERRY CT., 11, No. 40-6-Ayanna Canty to Dawn C. Flythe, $116,500.

BARBERRY CT., 36, No. 43-1-James N. and Therease L. Weaver to Carmen E. Colon and Herbert R. Tillery, $89,500.

BARBERRY CT., 40, No. 44-5-Christopher D. Haywood to Haywood D. Kelly, $140,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 13300-Angela Sims to Angela R. Ferguso and Jeffrey A. Bruce, $384,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10124, No. 304-Dorothea L. Lomax to Angella J. Cole, $70,000.

DUNLORING PL., 11431-Helen D. Bowie to Portia and Corey L. Stokes, $177,250.

GREEN WING TER., 15019-Sherwood R. Jr. and Michell Robinson to Melissa and Vaughn Andrews, $247,000.

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