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Mobile Video Players Don't Come Cheap

By Leslie Walker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 7, 2005; 5:03 PM

I'm not one to covet mobile media, but the handheld video player that caught my eye here was the Aviah, made by Ovideon. Its tiny, 2.2-inch screen surprised me with its sharp video. The bright display comes from its (sorry for the buzzword) OLED screen (short for organic light-emitting display.)

You can rotate its screen 90 degrees without losing clarity. This palm-sized toy has a TV tuner to pull in live TV, a 5 gigabyte hard drive for storing lots of video, and a built-in voice recorder, too. (Click here for a version of this posting with a photo of the Aviah.)

Ovideon's Aviah video player caught Leslie Walker's eye at this year's CES. (Courtesy Ovideon)

_____2005 CES_____
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But hey, I'm not willing to part with $600 for the Aviah just yet.

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