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A Moral Edge in Prince William?

Sunday, October 24, 2004; Page B06

The Oct. 17 Metro article "The Great Divide" fascinated and frustrated me. I live in red Prince William County (in the Gainesville area), and I found some of the opinions expressed small-minded.

My wife and I love our "upscale" subdivision, but unlike Preston Charlton, we did not buy in Prince William County to avoid seeing "people living an alternative Generation X lifestyle," whatever that is. Additionally, we live in a neighborhood where our children can run and play and be safe but not because they won't be "influenced by families who have different moral codes," as John M. Hinkle put it.

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Recently, for example, our son invited seven boys to his birthday party, including one of mixed race -- the product of an "alternative" lifestyle? -- and one of Asian descent. The boys never discussed their "moral codes." They were just boys having fun. Go figure.



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