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It's Not Personal, It's Business

Saturday, January 8, 2005; Page A17

The Post [editorial, Jan. 3] perpetuates the myth that business owners avoid Prince George's County because its population is mostly black, but business knows only one color: green. When an upscale business (or a business at any level, for that matter) develops a plan to expand its reach, affirmative action is seldom a motivator.

Prince George's has pockets of wealth, but it also has a lot of crime and severe poverty. Prince George's has more murders than most European countries and more car theft than most U.S. states. Prince George's County also has one of the poorest-performing school systems in the country.

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Businesses look at a lot of factors before they decide to invest in expansion. If the stability of an area is questionable, why would they throw away hundreds of millions of dollars? What happened to Landover Mall? Why wasn't money spent on Prince George's Plaza? Iverson Mall?

Business is about business, not social adjustment.

-- Bob Cooney


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