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Freddy Adu, Getting a Kick Out of Golf

What are your scores like?

I'm shooting in the mid-80s right now. I'm trying to break into the 70s, this summer. I'm planning to play a lot this summer.

Are you a member somewhere?

D.C. United soccer player Freddy Adu, shown here at a charity tournament last fall at Reston National Golf Course. He was 10 when he picked up his first club -- and proceeded to par the first hole he played.

No. But my friend, his family is a member at Congressional, so we play over there all the time. Those guys at Congressional are great, they treat you so well and I have so much fun over there.

Who do you usually play with? Other teenagers? Soccer teammates?

I usually go with my friends, guys who I've known since I was young, and Arnold Tarzy, who was one of the guys who introduced me to golf. Arnold is a family friend who coaches golf. He's helped me a lot.

Have you ever played in a charity or celebrity event?

I played in one tournament for The Heights [a private school in Potomac, which he attended] and I've played in stuff for D.C. United. Last year we were at Reston National. I was invited to a Tiger Woods tournament and a Michael Jordan tournament but I couldn't go to either one of them.

Do you have your own set of clubs?

Yes, I finally got my own. All Nike, of course! [Freddy has a major endorsement deal with Nike.]

So what do you love about playing golf?

I just love how peaceful it is out there, but also how much you have to concentrate. It plays games with your mind and it helps you focus more, too. I love that aspect of it. It's like you're playing against yourself.

Do you see similarities between soccer and golf?

Yeah, absolutely. The way you have to chip a ball, the way you have to shoot a ball in soccer, it's pretty much the same thing in golf -- chip it, shoot it, putt it. You play a soccer ball with the inside of your foot, it's pretty much the same thing in golf when you hit the ball. You've got to hit it just right, use the same rhythm and get the same momentum on the ball. Your feet have to be in the right place and you have to shift your body and use your weight. It's very similar. •

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