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Correspondence Coarse

When writin' a letter, the meaner the better

By Gene Weingarten
Sunday, March 27, 2005; Page W32

To write a sneaky letter,

I find that verse is better.

( No one looks too hard

The hand is ascribble, the heart is aflutter; as for the head, it remains in the gutter.

At what's in a greeting card.)

To my editor:

At Guantanamo, or so they say, we're using female flirts

To question terror suspects, wearing skimpy tops and skirts.

By pressing close against them, and

behaving just like sluts,

They want to spook the prisoners and

make them spill their guts.

This horrid, fiendish torture -- we

must expose it, if it's true!

So send me down to Cuba. I know

exactly what to do.

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