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Singing the Norwegian Blues

"Subject: Looking to fill a position in our office

"Importance: High We need to hire a junior lobbyist/PAC manager. Attached is a job description. Salary is $85-90K. Must be a male with Republican stripes.

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"If you know of anyone who might be interested in interviewing for this position, would you please let me know? Thanks so much. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday."

Unclear where the stripes are to be located.

To Sightsee Iraq, BYOA

This news release floated in yesterday from the Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq.

"Basrah International Airport to open in July," said the headline.

"Airport considered as first step to return Iraqi tourism," the smaller headline said.

Well, gotta start somewhere. No word as to whether the tour buses will be fully armored. Junkyards are being scoured even as we speak.

Settling Accounts

Time Warner Inc. chairman and chief executive Richard D. Parsons, speaking at President Bush's two-day economic conference with business leaders yesterday, urged that Social Security move gradually from its current system to one that includes private accounts.

"Now, this is not unprecedented," he said. "This is exactly what's happened in the business world. Every corporation in America, mine included," has moved to such arrangements. The government, he said, is "going to have to step up to the same reality that business had to step up to."

It did not go unnoticed that Parsons spoke on a day when the front pages were graced with tales of reality hitting Time Warner, which agreed to pay $510 million to settle criminal and civil charges from a scandal in its America Online division.

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