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Why We Bleep

"Maybe the Iraqis are cussing and we don't know it."

"What you don't know the Iraqis are saying can't hurt you."

Not everyone who watched the show was happy about it.

A friend called me up and said, "It wasn't the cuss words I objected to, it was the commercials. Just when Tom Hanks was pinned down by a German tank, ABC pitched ads for a credit card company, a fast food outfit, an automobile maker and an antacid pill."

A New York lawyer who saw the film told me, "I can understand the TV stations in the cities that banned it. They felt their audiences wouldn't understand the movie because it showed war in a bad light."

A lady who watched the movie in Chicago said, "My son thought the language was 'groovy' and he now uses it around the house all the time."

The question is, will the FCC fine the ABC stations that ran "Saving Private Ryan"? They are obliged to if obscene and profane language is broadcast.

It is not a question of war and peace, but whether Americans, particularly children, are subjected to indecent behavior.

For those of you who don't have cable, the F-word is used there all the time. That's why "The Sopranos" is such a hit.

I was lucky because I was able to see "Saving Private Ryan" last week, and it was a !@!$& good movie.

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