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The Supreme Quiz 2002

By Charles Lane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, October 7, 2002; Page A17

Before you line up for the beginning of the high court's new session test your knowledge of the nation's chief justices in the Federal Page's eighth annual Supreme Court quiz.

1. The first chief justice of the United States took the oath of office on Oct. 19, 1789. Who was he?

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a) John Rutledge

b) James Wilson

c) John Marshall

d) John Jay

2. What was the annual salary of the first chief justice?

a) $100

b) $400

c) $4,000

d) Congress fixed no salary for members of the first Supreme Court. They were permitted to earn a living through private law practice.

3. What is the current annual salary of the chief justice?

a) $400,000

b) $100,000

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