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The Supreme Quiz 2002

18. By long-standing custom, the nine justices shake hands with one another before meeting in conference or going on the bench to hear oral arguments. Which chief justice initiated this practice?

a) John Marshall

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Supreme Court 2002-2003

b) William Howard Taft

c) Melville W. Fuller

d) Roger Taney

19. This chief justice wrote the court¹s opinion in such key post-Civil War cases as U.S. v. Cruikshank, Munn v. Illinois and The Telephone Cases. He was seriously considered as a possible Republican contender for the presidency in 1876, but refused to let his name be placed in nomination. The eventual Republican candidate that year, Rutherford B. Hayes, was his friend, and the Democrat, Samuel B. Tilden, was his Yale classmate. Yet when he died in 1888, he was so poor that a collection had to be raised to take care of his widow. Who was he?

20. What former farm boy who grew up to be chief justice said: "Had I realized what I'd be doing later in my career I'd have hung on to that pitchfork."


1. (d)

2. (c)

3. (c)

4. (a)

5. John Rutledge, Edward Douglass White, Charles Evans Hughes and Harlan Fiske Stone.

6. (d)

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