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NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico -- A crime reporter died Saturday of wounds received when she was shot by a suspected drug gang hit man in northern Mexico, one of the world's most dangerous areas for journalists.

Guadalupe Garcia, 39, was hit by a hail of bullets on April 5 when she arrived for work at a radio station in Nuevo Laredo, just across the border from Laredo, Tex.

Chinese marchers protesting Japanese World war II-era atrocities, force their way through a police cordon outside the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai. (Claro Cortes Iv -- Reuters)


BOUAKE, Ivory Coast -- Ivory Coast's civil war foes said they would start withdrawing heavy weapons from front lines, starting on April 21, and examine proposals to begin disarmament in May.

The joint statement from rebel and army chiefs was a fresh sign of progress in a disarmament process that has stumbled forward in the past only to stall before any weapons were actually been handed over in the West African nation.


DHAKA, Bangladesh -- A Bangladeshi court sentenced 22 people to death and six others to life imprisonment for the murder of an opposition lawmaker, Ahsanullah Master, nearly a year ago.

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