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Transcript: Former President George H.W. Bush Comments at Clinton Library Dedication

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Thursday, November 18, 2004; 2:18 PM



BUSH: President Carter, thank you for those very kind words.

Bill Clinton Clinton's Speech: Former president Bill Clinton spoke at the dedication of his library in Little Rock.
President Bush
Former President Bush
Former President Carter

President Bush, President Clinton, Vice President Gore -- I'm just delighted to be here.

Senator Clinton, pleasure to be with you and the wonderful Chelsea.

Barbara and I are thrilled to be with all of you here as we celebrate this dedication of this art structure, this magnificent structure where starting today, future generations will come to study the 42nd president of the United States.

Barbara and I have been here a very short period of time. But the truth is even before we arrived, there were already a few things we knew visitors would find here.

First, we already knew that visitors would find a uniquely American story of how a young man seized hold of perhaps the most improbable dream that any boy or girl could conceive and through sheer tenacity and gifted intellect saw it realized.

Bill Clinton was born into trying circumstances, but today it can be said he forever remained the man from Hope.

Through his indefatigable determination, not only did he lift himself and his family up, he also went on to touch the lives of millions around the world as president of the United States, giving them hope.

BUSH: Of course, it always has to be said that Bill Clinton was one of the most gifted American political figures in modern times. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.


Here in Arkansas you might say he grew to become the Sam Walton of national retail politics.


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