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Brady Copes With Death in Family

By Leonard Shapiro
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, February 4, 2005; Page D06

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 3 -- Margaret Brady, the 94-year-old grandmother of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, died Wednesday in the San Francisco area after suffering a stroke earlier in the week, according to a team spokesman.

Brady was informed about the death of his grandmother on Wednesday night by his father, who told him his family wanted him to focus on his preparations for the Super Bowl on Sunday "and that they would take care of everything out there and we would deal with it when the season was over."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's grandmother, Margaret Brady, died at 94 after suffering a stroke. (Stephan Savoia -- AP)

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Brady described his relationship with his paternal grandmother as "really, really close. We grew up about a mile apart so she was at every Thanksgiving and every Christmas. We would go over to her house and she had a swimming pool, so we would go over there and use the pool. She was a great woman."

Brady noted that his uncle, the brother of his father, Tom Sr., is battling cancer, making for a tough time for his father, whom Brady has called his best friend. He said his grandmother had been ill for quite some time and that her health took a turn for the worse in the last two weeks. He said she had hosted parties at the nursing home where she lived for the Super Bowls in which her grandson played. "She always watched the games" Brady said. "We would always get calls from her after the games.

"It's been tough. Any time a family member passes away and especially when she was important in our lives as my grandmother was, it's real tough. My sisters flew home earlier this week and it's been nice for them all to be together. I really wish I was there, but duty calls here.

"You lose people who are close to you in your life and you deal with it as best as you can. They all know where I'd like to be, and I know where I'd like to be. Things happen in life. It's a 94-year-old woman who lived a great life. I know what's going on back there, and right now, I'm just letting them deal with it."

Brady said a funeral is planned for a week from Monday. His parents and other family members plan to fly to Jacksonville for the game Sunday. "My mom and dad are excited to come down here and . . . it will really be nice to have them down here," Brady said. "It's going to be nice to go out and play this game, and now I have an even better reason to play the game."

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