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Transcript: Bush Speaks to Nation's Governors

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Monday, February 28, 2005; 4:00 PM

President Bush delivered remarks Monday to the National Governors Association during their winter meeting in Washington. Here is a transcript of Bush's session with the state executives.

BUSH: Thank you. Please be seated.


Didn't take you long to get back.


Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did last night. It was -- Marvin was great.


I'll make a few opening comments and then I'd be glad to field some questions.

First, I want to thank Governor Warner and Governor Huckabee for leading the NGA.

Appreciate the job you've done.

I thought the messaging in our local newspapers here was very positive, governors coming together to try to figure out how to solve common problems. It's a good message for all of us here in Washington to hear. This town can be fairly bitter at times.

And I remember fondly my days working with people of both parties to try to get positive things done for my state, and I hope that the spirit in which you all have come to Washington spreads throughout the nation's capital.

I appreciate the members of my Cabinet who are here.

Your name is?

JOHANNS: Mike Johanns.


BUSH: It takes a while to get to know every member of the Cabinet.

BUSH: Mike Leavitt and Chertoff -- oh, there you are.

I hope you find these folks as candid and as bright as I have found them. I really appreciate all three members of my Cabinet willing to come and serve in Washington.

As you know, your administration can be defined by who you surround yourself with. And I'm surrounding myself with good, capable people, and I hope you found that to be the case -- candid, open people that are interested in working with our governors.

And we've had some challenges that we have faced together.

Our economy, as you know, got rocked by a recession and an attack and corporate scandals.

But I'm pleased to know that your budgets are improving, that revenues are on the rise. That's because the economy's growing and we're adding jobs.

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