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Jamison Comes Clean

Last summer, Ione's sister married Carter, who plays for Toronto, making the onetime North Carolina teammates brothers-in-law.

"While I was in college, she used to come visit her sister all of the time when she was still in high school," Jamison said of Ione. "I was like, 'Maybe when she gets older, we'll see what happens.' Once I got into the league a couple of years, she was going to school at Spelman College. We ended up going out and, to make a long story short, we ended up getting serious about one another."

Antawn Jamison, acquired last summer from Dallas, has been a shining star for the much-improved Washington Wizards, averaging 21.8 points and 9 rebounds. "I love when people say it can't be done," he said. "When people ask me about trying to turn things around with the Wizards, I don't feel pressure at all. I actually feel like I've been let out of the cage." (Toni L. Sandys -- The Washington Post)

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The couple dated almost three years before marrying. Ione received her master's in education from Spelman. She received her welcome to the itinerant NBA two weeks after their honeymoon when Jamison was traded to Dallas.

She is three months' pregnant with the couple's first child. Jamison has a daughter, Alexis, 4, from a previous relationship. Alexis lives with her mother in Memphis and Jamison spends as much time as possible with her during the season. "I get her every other Christmas and Thanksgiving," Jamison said. He said the relationship with the mother did not work out, adding, "We were more made to be friends."

When he finished shopping, Jamison got back in his Bentley and drove off. The sun receded in the background as the new player in town explored the possibilities of a new job.

Jamison and the Wizards received good news this week. For the first time since April 2003 -- the final month of Michael Jordan's playing career -- national television wants them. TNT is scheduled to televise the Jan. 6 game between the Seattle SuperSonics and the Wizards, a once-losing franchise now in possession of a bright, young star and perhaps playoff promise.

"There's a little buzz right now," he said. "That's good for us. These fans have been itching for something to cheer about in this organization. We get some confidence and some swagger, who knows."

Antawn Jamison smiled and looked out the window.

"I think D.C. is growing on me real quick."

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