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How to Remove the 'Sasser' Worm


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'Sasser' Worm Strikes Hundreds of Thousands of PCs (, May 3, 2004)
German Teen Admits Making The 'Sasser' Internet Worm (The Washington Post, May 9, 2004)
'Sasser' Worm Strikes Hundreds of Thousands of PCs (, May 3, 2004)
Congress Takes a Stab at 'Spyware' (, Apr 29, 2004)
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Several cybersecurity firms and Microsoft have released tools that can detect and remove Sasser:

Computer Associates




Trend Micro

Detailed removal instructions are also available from Microsoft. F-Secure posted screen shots of the Windows error messages that users may encounter if their machine is infected with Sasser.

Checking For Other Infections

Several days before Sasser infected millions of computers, hackers released an unknown number of sophisticated programs that could enter computers through the same vulnerability.

Most versions of these malicious programs, known as "Phatbot," "Agobot" or "Gaobot," will block victims from visiting more than 600 antivirus and security sites. If you can reach Web sites like but not or antivirus sites, your PC is almost surely infected with one of these programs. Click here for instructions on how to configure your computer to allow access to these sites. (link to separate page that contains information provided at the end of this document)

Consider downloading and running McAfee's "Stinger" software tool -- which can search for and destroy a large number of some of the Internet's nastiest predators, including the 'bots listed above.

The surest way to protect your PC from viruses, worms and other threats is to use some form of antivirus software and to check for updates regularly. We have listed several firewall and antivirus resources on our Web site.

-- Brian Krebs, Staff Writer

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