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Ashlee Simpson and That Lip-Syncing Feeling

The Web site was flooded yesterday morning with fans and detractors chatting about the fiasco. Most comments weren't flattering:

"Wanna know who really sings? People with a little thing called 'Talent,' " wrote one. "I doubt Ashlee has a shred of this. Hell, I doubt she could even spell the word."

Ashlee Simpson performs during the Radio Music Awards show. (Ethan Miller - Reuters)

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Or, the more succinct: "What a NO TALENT [HEINIE] CLOWN

"P.S. Dye that rats nest back to BLONDE!!!"

All day yesterday, NBC had reassured the media that Simpson would perform at last night's Radio Music Awards, live from Las Vegas, even though it was a mere 48 hours after her voice had been too shot to sing "live-live" on "SNL." One rep for the trophy show told us that Ashlee would perform "live-live -- no tracks, no nothing."

Ashlee's dad-manager told Seacrest that after consulting Wayne Newton's doctor, she had received a cortisone shot to get her ready.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Working in its favor, the trophy show was not going to be directed by poor Beth McCarthy Miller, who is having a very tough year, and we feel for her. It was to be directed by Ron de Moraes.

Ron -- yes, we believe we are related, Moraes being a large and attractive family in Brazil, whence both our grandparents hailed -- assured us that Ashlee's performance would be live-live. And the word of a Moraes is law here at The TV Column.

Update: We watched the Radio Music Awards last night. We're pretty sure Simpson performed live because she didn't seem to hit many of her notes, but then she'd cleverly chosen one of those screamy songs where that didn't seem to matter much.

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