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You Shoot, You Score: Travel Photo Contest 2004

Sunday, August 15, 2004; Page P01

Every summer, as the entries pour in for our annual travel photo contest, we paw through our mailbox, curious to see what you think is worth a shot. We can always count on a lot of critters. And this being a travel photo contest, we're not talking cute kittens (although we get those, too). One year safari pictures were hot. Another time it was carcasses -- pigs' heads, splayed cow corpses. (What were you thinking?) Your latest obsession? Giraffes. For some reason, the long-lashed ruminants really made your shutter fingers twitch this year.

But you'll notice there are no critters in the winners' circle. This year, the judges -- Post Assistant Managing Editor for Photography Joe Elbert and the Travel section staff -- were drawn to people, be they harried, silhouetted, wide-eyed or burqua'd (two shots from Kabul!). Okay, there's one exception, as novel as it is beautiful: a shot of Seattle's Pioneer Square taken with a handmade pinhole camera and using a five-minute exposure. That one won the Photo Geek category as well as Fourth Place.

Two girls at London's Tate Modern Museum, Nov. 2003. (Bonnie Stephens)

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But you don't have to be an expert to capture our attention. You just have to see the world around you in an original way, and send us the evidence. We present the winners of our fifth annual photo contest.

Travel Photo Contest 2004:

Photo Gallery: Contest Winners

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