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Tiny Slices Of Opportunity for Jobless Techies

Odd Job

Nobody likes you when you're down.

Except, that is, if you create a paean to unemployment at a time when thousands of netizens are caught up in the daily grind of not working.

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Into this space has sprung Odd Todd, the online moniker of Todd Rosenberg, 32, a New York business development type who got the ax in June and who has been entertaining his dismissed compadres ever since at the Web site www.oddtodd.com.

Odd Todd's signature electronic cartoon, "Laid Off," charts how one jobless tech worker spends his day: eating Pringles and fudge-striped cookies, mulling over the idea of going for beers with friends and watching inordinate amounts of television.

It struck a chord, Rosenberg said.

"I have received thousands and thousands of e-mails from people who relate to some piece of it," he said by telephone from what he described as "overpriced" Manhattan digs. "I unfortunately have a lot of company."

Todd said he has another full-length cartoon in the works, though his employment prospects remain dim. Of the companies he interviewed with since the summer, three have since cut jobs and one has gone out of business. Todd is living off his unemployment insurance checks and nearly $5,000 he has collected from visitors to the Web site who contributed to a "tip jar."

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