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Ann Coulter and the Title Fight

By Richard Leiby
Wednesday, March 2, 2005; Page C03

War of the words: Think what you will of her political views, but columnist Ann Coulter certainly has a gift for writing provocatively titled (and best-selling) books. To wit: "Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism" and "Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right." Trying to one-up her, a campus-centered offshoot of the Center for American Progress sponsored a "Name Ann Coulter's Next Book" contest and released the results yesterday.

The winner: "Roosevelt: Wheelchair-Riding, America-Hating Terrorist," submitted by Ryan Sniatecki, 26, of Baltimore. "Sniatecki will take home his very own Ann Coulter talking action figure," announced campusprogress.org, a new Web site set up by the left-leaning Washington think tank.

Ann Coulter Doll
Ann Coulter Doll
The Ann Coulter action figure. Its weapon? A sharp tongue. (Center for American Progress)

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About 150 people entered the contest. Among the honorable mentions:

"Help: I'm Out of Liberal People, Places and Organizations to Hate."

"Pander: How Character Assassination and Name-Calling Will Make You Popular and Rich."

"Democracy: The Liberal Plot to Feed Your Children to the Poor."

"Ann: Doesn't Eat, Shoots, and Never Leaves." (That's a reference to Coulter's thin physique.)

Coulter offered a characteristically cutting response. "Well, at least now they're trying to be funny, a welcome change from all the vomiting and fainting after the election season," she told us by e-mail. Then the author blasted back a list of potential titles for her next tome:

"Tuesdays With Morons."

"The Five People You Meet in Line at the Welfare Office."

"It Takes a Village to Raise a Kid With A.D.H.D., Rage Issues, and an Eating Disorder."

"Their Eyes Were Watching God and Banning Him From Public Schools."

"The Dan Rather Code."

"He's Just Not That Into Jews: The George Soros Story."

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