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Telecommuting Is the Way To Work

By Ron Shaffer
Thursday, March 3, 2005; Page PW01

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

As a team leader for several projects, my workday at my Washington office is filled with distractions that interrupt any serious writing or reviewing that I need to do.

When I had my first performance review with my new supervisor, she suggested that I look into telecommuting after she agreed that it is difficult to do effective writing in five- and 10-minute spurts between interruptions. I researched it, then arranged and got approval to telecommute.

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Now, I load up my briefcase the day before telecommuting and am able to do more reviewing and writing in one day at the Woodbridge Telework Center than it would take me in several days at my downtown office . . . and the written product is much better!

I telecommute from the center, rather than from home, as I feel the temptation to distract oneself while working from home is too great. The center in Woodbridge is quiet, well-equipped, and has a helpful and friendly staff.

Tom Bradley

Lake Ridge

I am pleased to hear of government agencies initiating telecommuting and employees liking it. With so many computer-dependent jobs in our area, it would seem that some of that work could be done at home or at a satellite office center. Telecommuting reduces the number of vehicles on our roads and passengers on Metro.

The Woodbridge Telework Center, a joint project of the General Services Administration and the Rappahannock Area Development Commission, is at 13546 Minnieville Rd. Call 540-710-5001. For more information on centers in Northern Virginia, visit www.nocommute.org.

Frustrated by Fees

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I just heard about the increase in tolls, effective May 22, for the Dulles Toll Road. Again, Northern Virginia residents are being levied.

When Virginia wanted to raise the sales tax by a half-cent in 2002 to help cover transportation projects, many Northern Virginia residents opposed the tax because they thought the state had not been using transportation funding properly.

Now that the Dulles tolls will be increased, when will Metro be opening in western Fairfax County and eastern Loudoun County? And will people actually use it? It seems it would be more of a hassle to take Metro from Reston and have to switch from the new line to the crowded Orange Line to get downtown.

I'm so frustrated! How do other Northern Virginia residents feel?

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