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It Came in the Mail

Sunday, March 6, 2005; Page P02

WHAT: Quilted cover made to fit over restaurant high chairs.

AIMED AT: Parents reluctant to plop their kids into a public high chair that may look grotty -- or appears clean but may be contaminated by germs from the last kid. (Don't feel paranoid: A study of restaurant high chairs by the Indiana University School of Medicine found that 55 percent of samples taken showed bacteria that could cause food poisoning.)

HOW MUCH: $22.95

BUT DOES IT WORK? If used on a typical restaurant high chair, the colorful, machine-washable Clean Diner covers all relative parts of the chair and, as a bonus, pads baby's tushy. It's compact, with a carrying case that fits in a diaper bag. However, the Clean Diner won't fit a high chair with an attached tray -- the home-style kind that occasionally shows up in restaurants. For that, you need the Clean Shopper ($29), which is big enough to fit a shopping cart and any high chair, but is bulkier for travel.

-- Cindy Loose

The Clean Diner is available through Babe Ease, 800-635-3899, www.cleanshopper.com.

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