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Tuesday, March 29, 2005; Page HE01

My Time

Terry Schiavo and the reality gap "It is through the lens of my father's death that I have watched the Terri Schiavo case in horror." See Abigail Trafford's column. F6

Moving Crew

The indefatigable man A "short" run with Dean "Ultramarathon Man" Karnazes could land you far from home. F3

_____The Heart_____
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More Heart News

Hold the Nitro

Re-reading patient response Just because a nitroglycerin tablet relieves chest pain, that doesn't prove you have heart disease. F2

Quick Study

Think better, feel better Even when depression in seniors stems from physical decline, mental therapy aids continued independence. F7

20 Years Ago

From March 27, 1985 Some things don't change -- like, sadly, aching backs. Surgery was not indicated in most cases . . . Despite public debate, experts said benefits of the DPT vaccine outweighed risks.

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