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Correction to This Article
A March 29 Metro article and a March 30 KidsPost item about the naming of Virginia's state bat incorrectly referred to the Virginia big-eared bat as a rodent. It is a member of the order Chiroptera. Rodents belong to the order Rodentia.
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Bat Soars To Lofty Status in Virginia

A guidebook, it's the one with big ears.

I think our bat's up to the test.

With a bit of verse, Gov. Mark R. Warner signed a bill designating an official bat. (File Photo)

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If you doubt it, just ask Adam West.

He was TV's Bruce

Wayne --

the caped crusader's real name --

and could 'Zap!' and 'Kapow!' with the best.

The bill honoring the big-eared bat was sponsored by Del. Jackie T. Stump (D-Buchanan), who took much good-natured grilling from delegates and senators during the legislative session that ended last month.

The bat joins the cardinal (official bird), the American dogwood (official flower and official tree), the American foxhound (official dog), milk (official beverage), Chesapeake Bay deadrise (official boat) and chesapecten jeffersonius (official fossil).

Warner has until midnight Tuesday to act on the remainder of the bills that passed the assembly this year. No other poems are expected.

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