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Casey on The Hill

By Art Buchwald
Tuesday, March 29, 2005; Page C04

It looked extremely muddy for the Mudville Nine that day;

Congress was in session and baseball was in play.

So when McGwire took the Fifth and Burrows did the same,

Congress knew there were steroids in the game.

Flynn wouldn't give his urine, and likewise neither Blake;

The former was a druggie and the latter was a fake.

Ten million fans tuned in C-SPAN,

To see whom the House would slam.

"Casey," the owners cried from where they sat,

"We will pay millions to see you at the bat."

But there was little chance that Casey would play,

Or even at the hearings stay.

When Flynn named his dealer and Canseco wrote a book,

The owners yelled, "Casey will get us off the hook."

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